Hanoch Greenfield, the father of the two children who were killed in the car accident in Georgia, recalled the moments before the devastating fall: “When I saw Achinoam and understood that she’s not among the living, I wanted to die.”

The accident site in Georgia

The accident site in Georgia Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

After returning to Israel, the father who lost two of his children in a car accident in Georgia recalled the tragedy. “The night was dark and foggy,” the father explained. “We drove at the speed of 10 kilometers per hour,” the father told. Suddenly, I don’t know what happened, I lost control of the car and we fell off the cliff in a matter of seconds.” 10-year-old Achinoam and 5-year-old Nevo were killed in the accident.

The father went into detail about the moments of the accident to his sister: “I don’t remember what happened. When I opened my eyes, everything was dark and silent, I thought I was dead but then I saw Achinoam and I understood that she’s not among the living. I wanted to die. I picked her up, I thought I was the only one left. I stared at the edge of the cliff but then I heard a little voice calling me: ‘Father’. It was Ivri, he saved me. We hugged and I left him at a certain place and asked him to wait for me but he kept following me and that made me worry about him.”

The late Nevo Greenfield

The late Nevo Greenfield Photo Credit: Greenfield Family/Channel 2 News

The father explained how he found his wife Noa and when she asked where the children were, he decided not to tell her about Achinoam’s death. The father explained how he took a rope and climbed the cliff until he encountered a few locals in an SUV who called for rescue services.

The late Achinoam Greenfield

The late Achinoam Greenfield Photo Credit: Greenfield Family/Channel 2 News

The four remaining family members are still receiving medical attention at a hospital in Israel. The mother’s condition is defined as serious. The two boys suffered light and moderate injuries. The family asked to announce that a Headstart initiative was established for them in order to raise funds to cover the necessary expenses caused by the tragedy.