The father of the young Israeli-American boy who was recently arrested for making hundreds of bomb threats against Jewish centers around the world sat down with Channel 2 News for an exclusive interview. During the interview, he defended his son and said that the world does not understand him and his illness.

The suspect

The suspect Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Eight days ago, Israel Police officers arrested the father of the Ashkelon teenager suspected of making hundreds of recent bomb threats against Jewish centers throughout the world. Speaking for the first time since his release two days ago, the father, identified only under the pseudonym “Eli,” continues to defend his son.

He claims that the world does not understand his autistic son. “The world needs to know, this boy is different, he is special,” Eli said. “He is special in all the aspects just like people saw.” The father added that he himself had medical problems in the past and that his son continues to suffer from medical issues. “I was exposed to thousands of destructive chemicals,” he stated. “I went through three operations to remove tumors and my son has a tumor.”

According to the Israel Police and the FBI, Eli’s son made thousands of threats against Jewish centers throughout the world over the past three years. His threats even caused El-Al and Delta airplanes to make emergency landings.

“He didn’t cooperate with the boy,” said Eli’s lawyer. “He couldn’t have known what the boy was doing. There was no way he could have known what the boy was doing. He was sitting in his room with the door closed.”

Yesterday, JOL reported that the suspect’s mother was interviewed by Channel 2 News. During the interview, she claimed that she had no idea that her son was spending so much time on the computer: “I return from work and go to sleep. I wasn’t aware of how much time he was sitting at the computer.”