This photo provided by the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office shows Richard Holzer, who was arrested Friday, Nov. 1, 2019, in Pueblo, Co. Holzer, who is accused of plotting to bomb a historic Colorado synagogue, appeared briefly in court on Monday, Nov. 4. (El Paso County Sheriff’s Office via AP)

A white supremacist has been arrested on Friday in Pueblo, Colorado for planning to blow up a local synagogue, reports multiple news outlets.

According to the reports, the FBI has been tracking Richard Holzer, 27, for several months before his arrest because of anti-Semitic comments he posted on Facebook using multiple aliases.

On one Facebook post, he wrote that “I wish the Holocaust really did happen… they need to die,” the reports said.

On Friday night, he donned a Nazi armband, mask, and armed himself with a machete and went out to meet undercover FBI agents who were posing as fellow skinheads.

At the meetup, Holzer was given a bag of what he thought to be two pipe bombs and dynamite to carry out a bombing attack on Temple Emanuel, a synagogue that he had been scouting out for weeks beforehand. The explosives that the undercover agents gave him were actually fake.

According to court documents, Holzer said at the meeting that he was fighting a holy war and wanted to show everyone that Jews are not wanted here. He described the “explosives” he was given, as “absolutely gorgeous” and that he was planning on bombing the synagogue at night in order to avoid the police.

Prosecutors have charged Holzer with domestic terrorism and a hate crime, which can carry a maximum 20-year sentence if convicted.