After completing training in an experimental program, 13 female tank operators have been successfully deployed along Israel’s southern border and several will undergo tank commander training in the near future. The IDF is expected to announce whether it will permanently implement the pilot program later this month.

IDF tank operators

IDF tank operators Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

13 female soldiers who completed their pilot tank operator training in December have been successfully integrated in operational activity along Israel’s southern border. The IDF is expected to announce in the upcoming weeks whether it intends to permanently implement the program, which has stirred public debate in Israel since its announcement.

The soldiers have proven themselves capable and completed the tasks required of them, according to reports in Israeli news outlets. The IDF will now be sending several of them to complete tank commander training, after which they will be incorporated in various operational commands in Israel, excluding those along the Gaza and Lebanese borders.

As previously reported by JOL, the female combatants underwent eight months of training as tank fighters in the Border Defense Force. The soldiers initially completed four months of combat-level basic training and then went on to finish four months of advanced training.

Commander of the training unit Colonel Moran Omer told the combatants in December: “Wear the tanker’s badge with great pride. Today, you are the first female tank operators in the border defense array.  Always remember that as advanced as it is, it’s not the weapons that matter, but the person in the tank.”