Fight Anti-Semitism not Israel

Speaking Wednesday at the MUNI EXPO innovation fair, the annual event of the Federation of Local Authorities in Israel, Speaker of the Knesset Yuli-Yoel Edelstein (Likud) said “No city is immune to terror attacks. We’ve witnessed this in Boston, Nice, Paris and dozens of other cities. Behind every terror attacks stands a terror organization – if it doesn’t finance [attacks), it inspires them.”

“We can overcome terror only if we do what they do – unite around a single cause – the eradication of terror worldwide,” Speaker Edelstein stated. “In the meantime, unfortunately, there are local authorities around the world which cooperate with BDS and decide to boycott Israel.”

“During its 70 years of existence, Israel has been leading the struggle against terror organizations and has been fighting them on a daily basis,” Speaker Edelstein told the visiting mayors.

“For 70 years, we have been following our North Star – democratic values. Before every decision, legislation or regulation that is aimed at eradicating terror, we hold difficult and charged debates in the Knesset to make certain that we do not harm innocent civilians in the fight against terrorists. It is not always simple, but this is our compass. Join us in the uncompromising fight against terror, and together we will triumph.”