About a week after being critically injured in a Binyamin terror attack, Sergeant Matan Rodger woke up at Tel Ha-Shomer Medical Center: “I was surprised to see my mother beside me.”

Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Matan Rodger was critically injured in a Binyamin terror attack last week. For the first time, he opened up his eyes and returned to the difficult incident: “I’m dying to get back to my company.”

“I can’t remember the actual moment but the seconds before it,” he recalled. “We were doing a specific operation. I remember speaking to one of the officers.”

Matan was critically injured in a hit and run terror attack. Two other soldiers were wounded. His comrades that were wounded were evacuated to Hadassah Hospital in Ein Kerem in mild to moderate condition but Matan was taken to Tel Ha-Shomer Medical Center.

“Suddenly, a vehicle came behind me and threw me,” Matan noted. “Right away, within two minutes, I remember that I was outside and being evacuated.”

During the week, Matan’s parents were beside him in the hospital. Matan related how he reacted when he saw his mother beside him: “I didn’t understand what I was doing here and why she was beside me.”

While the doctors speak about a long rehabilitation process, Matan is already speaking about returning to the company: “Everyone was surprised that I woke up so fast. I’m dying to get back.”