The Finance Committee was supposed to vote for the approval of the 2016 State Budget but divisions among the coalition members caused Finance Committee Chairman Moshe Gafni to adjourn the meeting towards the beginning.

MK Gafni

MK Gafni Photo Credit: Flash 90

There is a crisis in the coalition.    Finance Committee Chairman Moshe Gafni adjourned tonight the meeting where there was supposed to be a vote approving the country’s budget due to divisions among the coalition members.    One of the divisions relates to a demand from the Shas Party for there to be added a 0 value added tax for public transportation and the other one is regarding the security budget.

MK Gafni adjourned the meeting the same hour that it began.   This decision comes after a series of postponements for the date where the voting would be held and this morning, Gafni announced that the voting would be held despite disagreements on the defense budget.

Despite the postponement of the voting, the Finance Committee Chairman expressed optimism that the country’s budget would pass: “Or they will find a solution before Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will return from abroad or it will happen upon his return to Israel.   In any case, I believe that the coalition members will find a solution and will vote for the budget.”