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Future of Transportation in Tel Aviv


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Published On: Oct 24, 2012

Theres still no subway or light rail system in Tel Aviv, but the transportation of the future is on its way

It’s the skytran, developed by NASA. The first pilot of this newfangled pod will be in Tel Aviv.

Developers say the cars drive on magnetic strips. The cities electric power lines will be converted to support the lines. Every pod will carry two people, and will travel at high speeds. Each ride will cost a dollar fifty. It will be like getting on an elevator. All you have to do is press an icon and the car will take you wherever you want to go in Tel Aviv.

Sounds like science fiction? Tel Aviv will be the first place in the world that the project will be implemented. Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai congratulated the initiative, saying Tel Aviv has always been a hub of innovation.

Whereas the light rail in Jerusalem cost 180 million dollars per kilometer, Skytran will cost, according to developers, 6 million dollars per kilometer. The company is promising that the trains will be up and running within a year and a half. 

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