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Giant Oil Rig for Israel Assembled in Texas


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Published On: Oct 14, 2012

This massive rig Assembled in Texas will eventually be moved to the Tamar drilling field off the coast of Israel

In Corpus Christi, Texas, a giant oil rig is being assembled.  George Hutfield is in charge of the project. This massive rig will eventually be moved to the Tamar drilling field off the coast of Israel to drill for natural gas. It’s Israel’s largest private infrastructure project ever undertaken.  The tower is taller than Israel’s tallest building.

And it’s just part of the entire project, 20 thousand tons of steel.  The five wells will provide natural gas to the largest underwater oil pipe in the world, over 90 miles long. The gas will be carried to refineries in Israel. Some 10 billion dollars is being invested in the project. The American company Nobel energy owns a 36 percent share of the Tamar project.

Several Israeli companies have partnered with Nobel in this joint venture. Green groups have pressured Nobel energy to make sure that its refineries are environmentally friendly. The rig will be transported by sea on a giant ship over 42 days from the Gulf of Mexico through the Atlantic and Mediterranean to the Israeli coast off of Ashdod. 

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