Israeli firefighters have been working to put out a fire that broke out last night. It is believed that a kite from Gaza, allegedly carrying an explosive, was aimed towards the Israeli side of the Gaza border. No injuries were reported.

Gaza protester on Friday

Gaza protester on Friday Photo Credit: Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash 90

Several firefighters were called to put out a fire at a warehouse near Kibbutz Kissufim by the Gaza border that began last night. It is suspected that a kite carrying an explosive was aimed towards the Israeli border and set the warehouse on fire. Authorities are now investigating the incident.

The fire has caused heavy damage to the warehouse, but no injuries were reported. According to Israeli authorities, firefighters arrived at the scene at 8:30 pm on Friday and started battling the fire. It was reported that three firetrucks also arrived at the scene to help with the efforts.

This is the newest tactic used by Palestinians to set fire to Israeli fields along the border. The incident last night is the latest in a series of attacks that began Wednesday when the same tactic caused a fire near Kibbutz Be’eri. Police then found a burnt kite at the scene.

Also on Friday, some 3,000 Palestinians protested at the Gaza border, setting tires aflame and throwing flaming kites across the border. Reportedly, one of the kites bore a swastika, and other kites were stitched together to form the colors of the Palestinian flag.

Israel responded with tear gas and live fire, which reportedly killed four Palestinians.