Firefighters initially said the blaze was under control, but it broke out again on Saturday.

Watch: A firefighter puts out a blaze
Photo and video credit: JNF

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The fires in southern Israel that were caused by flaming kites flown from Gaza on Friday re-erupted on Saturday afternoon.

Firefighters and JNF workers are on the scene as flames were spotted in four different locations in a forest near Kibbutz Kissufim.

The flying of kites loaded with flammable material has become a popular cheap form of terrorism over the past months. Its main victims are farmers living in southern Israel, whose crops are often severely damaged by the fires.

In order to tackle this new phenomenon, the IDF has developed drones with sharp knives capable of cutting a kite’s string before it lands in Israeli territory. At least seven kites have been downed so far using these drones.

Early Saturday morning, four Palestinians crossed the Gaza border fence into Israel, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said. They managed to burn a tire before being forced back to Gaza by IDF gunfire.