After eight months of difficult training, 13 female soldiers became the IDF’s first female combatants in the Armored Corps and will serve as part of the Border Defense Force.

The combatants

The combatants Photo credit: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit/ Channel 2 News

Today (Tuesday), the IDF completed its pilot experiment to examine the suitability of females as combatants in the Armored Corps. 13 female soldiers took part in the program and completed their training successfully.

The combatants underwent eight months of training as tank fighters in the Border Defense Force. The soldiers initially completed four months of combat-level basic training and then went on to finish four months of advanced training. They will now enter the operational stage of their service along the southern border.

At the end of March, the IDF will decide whether it wants to continue the program and have the female combatants perform routine security tasks. “We are witnessing a small part of history today,” stated Colonel Moran Omer. “For the first time, we will grant the tanker’s insignia to female combatants in the IDF.”

“You were chosen to participate in a special training program that examined the integration of females into combat roles in tanks,” he added. “You faced complex physical challenges, you learned the profession and no less important, you learned to love the power of steel and the ability to operate such a sophisticated system. We still have a long way ahead of us but you proved to us that nothing is impossible.”