Sahar Fish, one of the first responders at the scene of Friday’s tragedy in southern Israel, said that Dr. Omri Nir jumped to his death in order to save his 10-year-old son. “The father protected his son in the most remarkable way,” he said. The son’s medical condition remains critical.

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10-year-old Ilai Nir was critically injured two days ago when he fell off a cliff in southern Israel. This morning (Sunday), Beersheba’s Soroka Medical Center released a statement about the young boy’s condition, saying that it remains critical. Sahar Fish, one of the first rescuers who arrived at the scene, recalled this morning in an interview with Army Radio the scene of the accident.

“It is clear that the father protected his son in the most remarkable way, otherwise Ilai wouldn’t have made it,” he said. Ilai’s father, Dr. Omri Nir, was killed at the scene after he heroically jumped to cover his son when he saw that he had slipped off a ladder attached to the cliff. Nir, an expert on Hezbollah and Lebanese politics and history who taught at several universities and colleges in Israel, will be laid to rest today.

Dr. Omri Nir

Dr. Omri Nir Photo Credit: Facebook/Channel 2 News

“We received the report about a falling incident at 11:00 AM on Friday,” Fish continued. “We didn’t know if the incident was serious but we deployed a helicopter simultaneously because a fall from high altitude always results in a serious injury.”

“I can’t imagine that the child would have survived such a fall if he wasn’t covered,” added Fish. “Thus, I’m certain that Omri saved his life.”  

Yesterday, JOL reported that Ilai’s condition worsened. “He is suffering from a very serious head injury,” stated the hospital where he is being treated. “His condition is critical.”