Significant delays were reported in flights departing today from Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport. The Defense Ministry had apparently ordered intermittent closures of Israeli airspace, resulting in a domino effect of delayed departures. The Israel Airports Authority said that the gap created in the departures would be fixed in the coming hours and denied rumors of a ‘security incident’.

Watch: Long, unmoving lines at the airport today

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A number of delays were reported this evening (Monday) on Ben Gurion Airport’s flight schedule. The delays were apparently caused by the Defense Ministry’s intermittent closure of Israeli airspace. The Israel Airports Authority has insisted that the delays were not caused by a security incident, yet advised passengers scheduled to fly tonight to check the internet for updates regarding flight details.

The disruptions in the flight schedule came after huge lines filled the airport today. In video footage from the airport this morning, dozens of Israelis and visitors can be seen standing in long, unmoving lines awaiting passport control.

The IAA said in a statement: “In a summer of 2.5 million passengers there will be lines, and so we must practice patience and tolerance. We call on the Israeli public to sign up for hand-held ID cards or to make use of the biometric devices.”

Contributing the delays to the summer travel season, the Interior Ministry said in response: “These days, 80,000 people are currently passing through Ben-Gurion Airport in a day. The lines are long but the wait is not especially long. We are adjusting the manned positions accordingly. There are also self-service stations throughout the airport and we encourage the public to use them.”