After the controversial statements made by the Balad MK, where she did not define the kidnappers as terrorists and the harsh reactions that followed it, the Knesset decided to reinforce bodyguards surrounding her. MK Regev called to prosecute her.

MK Haneen Zoabi

MK Haneen Zoabi Photo Credit: AP

After her controversial remarks, security was reinforced around MK Haneen Zoabi.  The Balad Knesset member stated yesterday that she does not define the kidnapping of the three boys as terrorism and harsh reactions followed.  

Earlier today, in an interview with IDF Radio, the MK confessed that she has been in hiding since yesterday due to fears that she will be harmed and since the storm she caused, she has received threatening messages on her cell phone.

MK Miri Regev sent a letter to Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein, which lists the causes and reasons for removing parliamentary immunity from MK Zoabi and it calls for her prosecution. “She stretched the limits of free speech and has the power to destabilize the government. Israeli residents follow in anxiety the humiliating statements that strengthen terrorists. Is this the mirror we wish to give to the public,” she pondered.

“In fact, MK Zoabi took advantage of the immunity granted to her to legally throw violent abuse towards our innocent kidnapped youth,” she stated. “It is up to us as elected public officials to balance immunity against other values and there are limits that should not be taken advantage of for the worst.”