Two Israeli border policemen were stabbed two weeks ago near the Lion’s Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem, after the Friday prayer at the Temple Mount. The young Palestinian suspect escaped from the scene and was arrested. Security cameras captured the incident.

Footage of the attack (security cameras)

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After two border policemen were stabbed in the Old City of Jerusalem near Lion’s Gate at the end of last month, footage of the incident was cleared for publication and released today. The policemen sustained minor injuries and the assaulter escaped from the scene. Following a manhunt, Musa Ajlouni, a 21 year-old Palestinian from Jerusalem, was arrested during the weekend as a suspect.

The incident took place on Friday two weeks ago, when the assaulter attacked one of the policemen after the morning prayers and injured him in the neck. The wounded officer and another border policemen battled with the Palestinian, who started fleeing the scene.


The stabber caught by security cameras

The stabber caught by security cameras

Israeli Security Services say the suspect, a resident of the Old City who was imprisoned in the past for violence offences such as the assault of policemen and criminal activity, confessed during his investigation that he had planned the attack and that his intention was to kill a cop. The young Palestinian, who fled to Ramallah following the incident, was located and arrested in the apartment where he was hiding in a joint operation with Yamam.

The stabber from another angle (security cameras)

The stabber from another angle (security cameras)

Assessment of the situation following the attack 

The Jerusalem District Police stated that the incident took place during the dispersal of worshippers at the end of the morning prayer at the Temple Mount. The police added that “a border policeman and his comrade battled with the stabber.   During the struggle, another officer injured his hand and the stabber escaped.”   

Magen David Adom medic Haim Haimson and paramedic Hanan Meir, who were called to the scene and treated the wounded officers, said: “When we arrived at the scene, we saw two people injured in full consciousness, walking around. We gave them initial medical treatment at the scene, which included stopping their bleeding and bandaging them, and then evacuated them to the hospital in stable condition.”   

On the day before, 11 year-old Ayala Shapira was badly injured in a terror attack, which took place in Samaria, when a molotov cocktail was thrown at the vehicle in which she was riding. The doctors at Tel Hasher Hospital continue to fight for her life. Her father Avner, which sustained minor injuries during the attack, carried his daughter for half a kilometer before calling the Rescue Forces.