The terror attack that took place on Monday in Petah Tikva was recorded by security cameras at the scene. In the footage, the terrorist is seen stabbing a victim and then fleeing the scene. He was neutralized by an Israeli who used his car to stop him.

Watch: Footage of the attack

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The Israeli who neutralized the terrorist in Petah Tikva who moderately injured a man was Lieutenant Colonel S., an officer in the Israeli Defense Ministry’s Engineering and Building Department. He recalled his actions that managed to prevent the incident from developing into a more serious terror attack.

“I was sitting in my car at a red light when suddenly I heard a lot of noise,” he recalled. “I saw people running after a suspect, yelling, ‘terrorist, terrorist.’ I started to chase after him with my car. The terrorist fled to a side street and tried to enter a private home but it was locked.”

The terrorist fleeing the scene

The terrorist fleeing the scene Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

The Israeli Defense Ministry praised S. for his swift reaction that helped apprehend the terrorist and prevent him from harming additional people.

Meanwhile, the security camera footage from the shawarma shop was released. In the video, the terrorist is seen suddenly taking out a knife and stabbing the victim. People are seen running away and then the terrorist is seen also trying to flee the scene.

According to the initial investigation, the terrorist is a resident of Qalqilya who was residing in Israel illegally. The Israel Police stated that the terrorist claimed during his interrogation that he carried out the stabbing attack “for Al-Aqsa.”