A large amount of the funding for the Palestinian Authority comes from donations from countries around the world, mainly the Arab states. But due to the various conflicts across the Middle East, the funding for the PA has dropped and Gazans are suffering the most from this situation.

Gaza (archive)

Gaza (archive) Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Amid the bloody civil wars raging in the Middle East, the foreign funding for the Palestinian Authority has dropped considerably. Statistics show that the funding from outside the PA from January to July 2017 stood at $1.1 billion, a 50% drop compared to the last four years.

The PA’s 2017 budget currently stands at $16 billion NIS, with only a quarter of the money coming from donations made by the countries in the Arab world. Due to the lack of funding, the PA’s priorities have changed—and the first victim is Gaza.

As the moment, 96% of the water in Gaza is undrinkable and in another three years, all of the water will unsuitable for drinking. Israel has committed to sell 10 million cubic meters of water to the Palestinians but cannot make good on this promise if there is no proper infrastructure. Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories Major General Yoav Mordechai has already turned to the international community, asking that countries send money to help the Palestinians with the water crisis. However, no country has stepped up to help so far.