Former Israeli Defense Minister and party leader of Israel Beitenu gave a press conference to journalists and party supporters.

The suspense was palpable as Avigdor Lieberman had been mostly silent since his resignation as Israel’s Defense Minister.

After a long introduction to thank those who supported his party he addressed the political scene. He criticized all those who predicted his downfall by frightening his electorate and making them believe his would not pass the threshold of eligibility to enter Knesset

He then rejected any idea of joining a national unity government with Benny Gantz’s Blue and White party: “A national unity government is justified when there is a clear political line and objective, otherwise it is a government of national paralysis”.

Lieberman also recalled that during the campaign, he regularly spoke in favor of a right-wing government “but in action and not only in words”.

The former Defense Minister said he will recommend Benjamin Netanyahu as PM to President Reuven Rivlin who has the final say as to which candidate will be given the mandate to form a coalition.

“The voters had their say, the election results are clear, the Right won 65-55. We will recommend Benjamin Netanyahu for prime minister,” he said.

The president of Israel Beiteinu added conditions on this by saying that he would consider joining the opposition or even demanding new elections if his parties demands are not met.

His conditions are to be given back his former position of Defense Minister and that the ultra-orthodox communities be fined if they refuse to send their eligible youth to the army.

Israel Beitenu won 5 seats in this years election, which are important for Netanyahu to have in order to pass the 61 seat Knesset majority.