Former Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, and Former Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett 
Drama and chaos have seized the Central Electoral Committee, and the New Right party headed by former Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, and former Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett.
The Central Electoral Committee, have finished counting the last of the votes from those that are always counted last; soldiers, diplomats, medical staff, patients in hospitals, prisoners and disabled people. According to the count Bennet and Shaked will not have seats in the new Knesset as they are 1,360 votes short of the minimum 3.25% threshold needed to be represented in the Knesset.
The New Right party is demanding a recount.
“Very strange things are happening at the Central Elections Committee, someone is stealing the elections from the right wing,” said representatives of the party.
The The Central Electoral Committee, released the following statement: “The counting of the double-sealed envelopes has ended,but in light of the race being so tight and the significance of every single vote, which can influence the distribution of Knesset seats, and in order to preserve purity of elections, we are examining the process of tallying the votes”.
Both Bennet and Shaked are awaiting the final announcement from the Central Electoral Committee
“I’m praying to God and fighting for every vote.” said Bennet.
“We are optimistic, the reports have been good. We need to wait for the final results,” Shaked said.