The post-tropical cyclone that was once the powerful Hurricane Ophelia has claimed the life of one person in Ireland. According to an Israeli in Dublin, people stocked up on hurricane supplies ahead of the storm’s arrival.

Ophelia as a hurricane

Ophelia as a hurricane Photo Credit: EPA-EFE

While Hurricane Ophelia weakened before making landfall in Europe on Monday morning, the post-tropical cyclone still brought strong winds and heavy rain to Ireland’s west coast. The storm has been blamed for the death of at least one person in Ireland.

On Sunday, the emergency services in Ireland were working to prepare the island’s infrastructure for the possible floods and reduce the expected damage to buildings. The airport in Dublin canceled more than 140 flights due to the storm.

“Ophelia is officially already here,” Inbal Goldberger, an Israeli who lives in Dublin, told Channel 2 News Online. “In Ireland, [we] love to talk about the weather but this storm is causing a lot of commotion in particular.” She also said that the storm is likely to cause an estimated 700 million euros in damage.

“The country is in a state of emergency: the education institutes are closed, the message to civilians is ‘stay indoors,’” Goldberger added. “There are long lines at stores. People are filling their shopping carts with water, canned food, flashlights and batteries. I also sent my partner to stock up on emergency supplies.”