Stas Misezhnikov, Israel’s former Tourism Minister, was convicted of fraud and breach of trust and sentenced to 15 months in prison.

Watch: Misezhnikov speaking to reporters before entering prison

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Israel’s former Minister of Tourism, Stas Misezhnikov, began serving a 15-month prison sentence on Sunday after being convicted of fraud and breach of trust.

Misezhnikov was accused of giving one million shekels to help fund a festival in Eilat, in exchange for the appointment of a close friend as the producer.

In an exclusive interview with Channel 2 News a few days ago, Misezhnikov spoke of his decision to plead guilty. “After three years of going through hell, I wanted to put an end to this,” he said. “I preferred to say ‘I committed a felony and I’m willing to pay the price,’ I was relieved at that moment because I could see the end.”