Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was evacuated to the hospital after not feeling well. It is possible that his health deterioration could have been predicted as there were clear signs of his medical condition over the last few days.


Olmert Photo credit: Channel 2 News

As reported earlier by JOL, Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was evacuated from prison to Tel HaShomer Hospital today (Tuesday) after complaining to an Israel Prison Service commander about not feeling well. However, it is now revealed that recently, his health deteriorated and he even asked that his personal physician be allowed to examine him.

Olmert lost 6 kilograms (approximately 13 pounds) over the past several weeks and 2 days ago, after a parole hearing, one of his lawyers said it looked like he was “on the verge of a heart attack.” Last Thursday, Olmert and his relatives asked the prison commanders and senior-level Israel Prison Service (IPS) officials several times to allow his personal physician to examine him. However, no reply has been received to this day.

Meanwhile, the IPS claims that since the former PM entered prison, he has been offered several times to be examined by an IPS doctor but rejected the offer and insisted that only his personal physician examine him.

This evening, the hospital to which he was admitted stated that at this stage, the suspicion of a cardiac event was ruled out. Olmert will continue to be under surveillance in the coming day.