​Shlomo Hillel, Speaker of the 11th Knesset, was laid to rest on Wednesday at the Great Leaders of the Nation’s Plot on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem.

In his eulogy, Speaker of the Knesset MK Yariv Levin  said, “Knesset Yisrael and the entire Israeli nation mourn the passing of a unique person, a public emissary in the full sense of the word, whose life was dedicated to the Zionist vision of the revival of the Jewish nation in its land.”

“Shlomo Hillel became a full partner in the country’s leadership in its early days, as part of the generation of founders, to whom we owe the establishment of the state and many of its achievements,” Levin said.

“Few are the people who have done so much for their nation, over so many years. Dear Shlomo, on behalf of the Knesset and all the citizens of Israel, I thank you for your magnificent and vast work for the Jewry of Arab countries, of Iraq and Iran, for Ethiopian Jewry, for Israel’s foreign relations, for settlement, for the building of the Land, for the State of Israel,” he said.

Representing the Government, Minister of the Economy and Industry Amir Peretz said, “Shlomo left a mark on things that changed reality and affected the lives of many citizens. He proved that it is possible to go against the current. He was an inspiration to hundreds of thousands of children who grew up in ma’abarot (immigrant and refugee absorption camps established in Israel in the 1950s). From him they learned to break through the tribal boundaries.”