A former minister of the Likud political party will head the team that will compile the recommendations on conversion for the Israeli government. However, the Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism is upset that the non-Orthodox movements were not consulted before the decision to appoint Moshe Nissim to the position was made.


Illustration Photo Credit: Flash90

Former Justice and Finance Minister Moshe Nissim has accepted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s request to compile the recommendations regarding the conversion issue in Israel amid the serious commotion that the advancement of the Conversion Bill caused a few months ago.

The Prime Minister’s Office stated that Netanyahu believes that Nissim’s past will help him formulate recommendations on the matter by getting the sides to agree on a solution in a way that strengthens the unity of the Jewish people and respects Israel’s heritage.

The Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism stated in response: “In an unsurprising manner, the Prime Minister’s Office did not consult the non-Orthodox movements, which filed the petitions to the High Court of Justice regarding conversion, about the appointment of Mr. Nissim and the purpose of his position. This is a direct continuation of the unliteral and aggressive behavior of the government regarding the Kotel and the conversion issue.”

“As long as this persists, it is hard to understand how it is possible to promote a broad agreement and the unity of the Jewish people,” the statement continued. “As we have said before, we are interested in talking with the Israeli government and committed to finding a way that will ensure that the conversion process in Israel is not be exploited.”