In a piece to the Washington Post, Former UN Ambassador Niki Haley urged president-elect Joe Biden to keep in place the foreign policies President Donald Trump made in regards to Israel and peace in the Middleeast

“The blooming friendships between Israel and numerous Arab countries have been among the most beautiful developments of the past four years. The Obama administration said such a peace would never happen. But it did — because of U.S. leadership. Trump refused to accept the tired thinking that the Palestinian cause was the key to broader regional peace. And he put strong pressure on Iran’s murderous regime, which hates the Arab world nearly as much as it hates Israel and our country. Trump’s actions aligned American, Israeli and Arab policy, with peace the result,” Haley wrote.

“How can Biden foster a deeper peace? Not by caving to Iran or turning on Israel, both of which would fray the nascent Arab-Israeli bonds that still need strengthening. The better path is to continue to isolate Iran and encourage harmony between Israel and the Arab states, which now clearly see their common interests. A peaceful Middle East depends on it and is essential to U.S. security,” she wrote

Her remarks come a few days after the US Electoral College vote resulted in Biden passing the threshold of 270 electoral votes required for him to become president.