The leaders of Britain, France and Germany have agreed that the best way to stop Iran from gaining nuclear weapons is to stick with the nuclear deal.

Iran deal parties in 2015

Iran deal parties in 2015 Photo Credit: US Department of State via Flickr

The leaders of the three major European countries spoke over the phone on Sunday, according to the British Prime Minister’s office, and agreed that the Iran nuclear deal is the best way of stopping Tehran from gaining nuclear weapons.

Earlier today, British Prime Minister Theresa May spoke with French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel over the phone. The three agreed that the deal with Iran is necessary. According to the statement, they also expressed a further need to broaden the deal by including issues such as “ballistic missiles, what happens when the deal expires, and Iran’s destabilizing regional activity.”

“They committed to continue working closely together and with the US on how to tackle the range of challenges that Iran poses – including those issues that a new deal might cover,” the statement said.

Britain, France and Germany’s statement comes as the Trump administration threatens to refrain from withholding sanctions on Tehran.