Who will become France’s new president this evening? French citizens continue to flock to the polls in order to decide who will rule their country, Marine Le Pen or Emmanuel Macron. The voter turnout so far is 65.3%.
Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

French citizens continue to vote for president today. It is a choice between the far right Marine Le Pen and the centrist Emmanuel Macron. By 6pm Israeli time, 65.3% of French citizens have voted, which is almost 7% less than in 2012.

The polls will close at 9pm, when the results will be published. Despite initial polls showing a victory for Macron, the low voter turnout indicates a worrying trend for the centrist candidate. The data indicates that in the districts identifying with Le Pen, more voters came to the polls and it is just in the districts that were supposed to bring Macron a victory that few voters turned out.

Meanwhile, record high tensions were registered on Election Day in this afternoon in the area of the Louvre Museum, which is adjacent to the headquarters of Emmanuel Macron, due to a suspicious object that was found. The place was evacuated after a warning was received regarding a security alert.

According to his campaign spokeswoman, the Esplanade du Louvre, where Macron’s headquarters’ is located and the famous courtyard outside of the Louvre Museum, was evacuated on Sunday “as a precaution.” Since then, the police have updated the public that everything is fine and people are now allowed to return to the area.