French President Emmanuel Macron appears to have a major advantage over the other parties in the first round of the parliamentary election. Next week, France’s citizens will head back to the polls for the second and final round of the election, when the 577 seats will be divided among the remaining parties.

Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

France elected Emmanuel Macron as the country’s new president last month and today, it appears that the independent centrist has overcome another hurdle. According to the projections following the first round of the country’s parliamentary election, Macron’s En Marche! party is leading by a huge gap. The projections show that his party is expected to win more than 400 of the 577 seats. Meanwhile, France is already preparing for the second and final round of the election, which will take place next week.

According to one projection, Macron’s people are expected to man about 450 of the seats. The conservatives and Republicans are expected to get between 95 and 130 seats. Marine Le Pen’s National Front party is expected to win about 14% of the seats while the Socialists suffered a serious blow, most likely leaving them with under 25 seats. The parties that do not receive at least 12.5% of the votes will not advance to the second round.

The voter turnout rate across France today was low. According to reports, more than 51% of France’s eligible voters skipped out on going to the polling booths. Le Pen said that this statistic is very disturbing.