As more and more technological inventions enter the battlefield, France believes that it has found an effective way to destroy enemy drones without using any advanced technology.

Watch: French Air Force trains the eagles

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Many armies all over the world are looking for an effective solution against drones that collect information and take pictures on behalf of the enemy, including terrorist organizations. In Israel’s case, both Hamas and Hezbollah have attempted to send drones into Israeli territory.

The solution to this problem appears to be coming from France, where eagles are being trained to catch and destroy drones. As part of the trials that are being conducted, pieces of meat are attached to the bottom of the drones in order to teach the eagles to attack it from below so that they aren’t harmed by the propellers.

Photo Credit: TOMO/Channel 2 News

So far, the trials have produced promising results and those involved in the tests believe that eagles will soon be part of the battle against enemy drones.