Hundreds of Palestinians attended a rally against what they are calling an “attack on Islam”. The protest included chants again PA chairman Abbas for participating in the march in Paris.

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In the shadow of the International Criminal Court’s decision to open the investigation against Israel on suspicion of war crimes agains the Palestinians, Palestinians set fire to a a French flag during a demonstration on the Temple Mount. 

The Islamic movements demonstrated on the Temple Mount yesterday following the wave of terror in France last week, but the demonstration was not protesting the attacks themselves, rather the Western world, who according to them, has started an attack on Islam.  

During the protest, which was organized by Hamas and another movement called Hizb-a-Tahrir, protestors burnt the French flag, and waved green Hamas flags and other flags of the Islamic movement.  

Hundreds of protestors arrived and called the Palestinian Authority “the authority of spies”, and yelled vulgar insults about the chairman of the Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, because of his participation, along with 40 other world leaders, in the protest march in Paris at the beginning of the week.  

This is the first time that such activity protesting the Palestinian Authority has taken place on the Temple Mount.