Exit polls predict that Emmanuel Macron will beat Marine Le Pen with 65.9% to Le Pen’s 34.1%, making him the next president of France.

Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron Photo Credit: Reuters / Channel 2 News

The popular centrist independent candidate is projected to win in the second and final round of the French election, according to the exit polls, which predict a decisive victory of 65.9% to Le Pen’s 34.1%.

French President-elect Emmanuel Macron told AFP that his victory in Sunday’s election represented “hope” and a “new chapter” for France. “A new chapter in our long history begins tonight,” Macron stressed. “I want it to be one of hope and renewed confidence.” 

Earlier this morning, the polls opened with a lower than expected turnout, which constituted the lowest in 40 years. It was taken as a bad sign by Macron’s campaign. Nevertheless, the low turnout did little to change the predictions made by most of the early polls, which predicted a wide-margin victory to Macron over Le Pen. These early results published tonight bring little surprise with them.

Macron’s victory came only partially because voters supported his pro-European and left-wing policy platform. Some of his voters came from other parties across the political spectrum in order to put a stop to the National Front and Le Pen.

During Election Day, tensions peaked as the Louvre grounds, adjacent to Macron’s campaign center, were evacuated as a result of a bomb threat.