US Ambassador David Friedman and the other US and Israeli dignitaries have attended the unveiling ceremony of the ancient Pilgrims Road.

Pilgrim’s Road was an ancient road used by Jewish pilgrims on their way to the Temple Mount.

US Ambassador David Friedman spoke at the ceremony describing the importance of this historical event. “The discovery in the City of David is one of the greatest archeological discoveries, perhaps in the century. The centrality of Jerusalem to the Jewish people and the two Jewish temples, we all knew that, but now we have the irrefutable evidence. The Pilgrimage Road and Pool of Silwan allow us to go back in time, back in history. It brings the Bible to life. We can walk that path and imagine the great rabbinical figures walking that path.”

A large group of left-wing protesters surrounded the event who came to protest the US’s representation at the controversial ceremony. Friedman addressed them directly.

”Why did an American ambassador come to this event to speak here? What the Declaration of the Independence did was to rethink the relationship between government and the citizens. But how did the founding fathers know what rights to enshrine? They came from the Bible…and what place did the Bible come from?” The spiritual underpinnings of our society in which we honor the dignity of every human life comes from Jerusalem,” Friedman said emphatically.