David Friedman, U.S. ambassador to Israel has said that if Democrat candidate Joe Biden wins the November presidential election, it would be bad for the Middle East and would undermine important progress made under President Donald Trump.

The ambassador made the statements at his home in Herzliya in an interview with the United Arab Emirates’ Al-Ain News.

Friedman called the U.S. position on the Iranian nuclear program “the most consequential issue of the election.”

“Joe Biden was part of the Obama administration which negotiated and implemented the Iran deal, something that President Trump — and I share his view — thinks was the worst international deal the United States has ever entered into,” Friedman said.

“If we continue on this path, we think Iran will ultimately have no choice but to end its malign activity,” he said.

“I’d hate to think that a new administration would undermine that,” Friedman said, “but regrettably if Biden wins, I think they might.”

According to Friedman, a Biden win would be bad for the entire region, including Israel, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, and Kuwait.