US President Joe Biden’s chief medical advisor hopes the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine will regain official approval in “some manner or form” within a week.

Anthony Fauci predicted that by next Friday, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) would reverse their decision to halt use of the jab

The two federal agencies issued the order last week after blood clots were reported in six out of 6.6 million patients vaccinated.

“Well I think by that time, we’re gonna have a decision”, Fauci told CNN’s State of the Union. “I don’t want to get ahead of the CDC and the FDA and the advisory committee, but I would imagine that what we will see is that it would come back and it would come back in some sort of either warning or restriction”.

“I don’t know. I don’t want to be ahead of them, but I keep getting asked that. I do think we will get it back in some manner or form, but would I’m sure I hope that we don’t see anything extended beyond Friday we need to get some decision one way or the other”, Fauci added.

Last week, former President Donald Trump — to whom Fauci also served as a medical adviser — said Biden’s administration had done “a terrible disservice to people throughout the world” by blocking the jab, which has had repercussions across Africa.

Trump also suggested the decision was driven by the “FDA’s love for Pfizer”, adding: “They should not be able to do such damage for possibly political reasons, or maybe because their friends at Pfizer have suggested it”.