After US President Donald Trump left a G20 summit leaders meeting, his daughter Ivanka, who holds no official position at the conference, sat down in his chair and listened attentively to the speeches and discussions, causing quite the controversy at the summit and on social media.

Ivanka Trump in her father's place

Ivanka Trump in her father’s place Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The Trump family causes a stir as Ivanka Trump, US President Donald Trump’s daughter, briefly took her father’s place during a G20 leaders’ meeting, raising eyebrows among the leaders of the world’s largest economies. A senior White House official stressed that Ivanka simply sat down at the main table after her father had to step out.

“Ivanka was sitting in the back and then briefly joined the main table when the President had to step out, and the president of the World Bank started talking as the topic involved areas such as African development, areas that will benefit from the facility just announced by the World Bank,” the official said, in reference to Ivanka’s women entrepreneurs fund.

The White House claimed that this was not an unusual occurrence: “When other leaders stepped out, their seats were also briefly filled by others.”

This evening, the G20 summit in Hamburg will come to a close and the leaders of the top 20 global economies have apparently succeeded in formulating a declaration acceptable to all parties. The agreed upon declaration will focus on free trade agreements and compromises on environmental issues.

Meanwhile, mass demonstrations continue in Hamburg today as tens of thousands flock to the streets to protest the summit. Last night, local security forces again clashed with protesters who set fire to garbage cans, smashed windows and looted stores.