Head of the Israeli Labor Party Avi Gabbay said in a speech at AIPAC’s annual policy conference that he supports a two-state solution. He also called for the cessation of Israeli settlements and the end of Iran’s nuclear program.

Head of the Labor Party, Avi Gabbay

Head of the Labor Party, Avi Gabbay Photo Credit: Tomer Neuberg/Flash90

 Head of the Israeli Labor Party Avi Gabbay spoke Monday night at AIPAC’s annual policy conference, where he emphasized the two-state solution. “I will honor [my parent’s] dream by working for a safe, secure democratic Israel, alongside a demilitarized state for the Palestinian people.”

Gabbay also criticized the Palestinian attitude toward the peace process, specifically the Palestinian Authority’s policy of paying terrorists. Both Israel and the United States have condemned this policy, which gives monthly stipends to Palestinian terrorists in Israeli jails.

“First, the Palestinian incitement must end immediately,” he said. “Because it has anti-Semitic elements, because it leads to terror attacks, and because it moves the Israeli public away from peace. And part of ending the incitement is ending the incentives — the Palestinian Authority must stop paying their terrorists.”

Gabbay further noted that the Israeli settlements in the West Bank are harming the peace process. “We must stop building these caravans on hilltops and glorifying these remote settlements – because they do not provide any security value to Israel,” he said. Settlement proponents claim that settlers create a buffer zone between Israel and outposts of Palestinian terrorism.

Finally, Gabbay said that Israel would never compromise on security. “We will never compromise on the security of our country,” he said. “We will not allow any regime that calls for the destruction of our country to act on its word. We will not allow Iran to have access to nuclear capabilities, we will not allow Hezbollah to attack the people of Northern Israel, just as we will not allow Hamas to harm the people of Southern Israel.”