Israeli actress Gal Gadot was the guest of honor in Springfield’s yellow family in the first episode that marks its 30th anniversary.

In this past Sunday’s episode, entitled “Bart is not dead,” Homer Simpson and his neighbor Ned Flanders audition for the actors to represent the family after a group of Christian producers decided to make a film following Bart Simpson’s claim that he went to heaven and met Jesus.

After Actress Emily Deschanel auditioned for the ‘Marge’ part did Gal Gadot stepped in. Once Gadot starts reading the script, Ned immediately offers her the part, but Homer is not so sure.

“I know you were great in Fast and Furious, but what else have you been up to,” he asks after stopping Ned. “Uh, did you see Wonder Woman?” says Gadot. “Every time I see the DC logo I immediately fall asleep,” responds Homer emphatically.

The ending of the episode shows Bart reaching heaven, and not just any heaven: the “Jewish heaven”. There, he is surprised to see the Israeli among several Jewish heavyweights, such as  such as King David, scientist Albert Einstein, Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir, actress Joan Rivers, Israeli General Moshe Dayan and, of course, Hyman Krustofsky, father of the famous Jewish clown in the series.

“Gal Gadot?” exclaims a surprised Bart. “They liked me so much that I had to make a visit,” Gadot replied.