Israeli Minister of Construction and Housing Yoav Galant said that the IDF’s response to the recent Iranian rocket attack severely weakened Iranian infrastructures in Syria. “We have to hit the iron while it’s hot,” Galant added.

Minister of Construction Yoav Galant

Minister of Construction Yoav Galant Photo Credit: Hillel Maeir/TPS

Israeli Minister of Construction and Housing Yoav Galant addressed today the Israeli Air Force’s response to a large-scale rocket attack launched by Iranian forces early Thursday morning.

“Israel has created an opportunity to uproot Iran from Syria,” Galant said at a cultural event in Givat Shmuel on Saturday. “We have to hit the iron while it’s hot and return the Iranian genie back to its bottle.”

“Iran is a terrorist imperialist state,” Galant stated. “They are deployed in Yemen, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon and attempt to create an Iranian arch from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean Sea in order to encircle our space and to create a war of attrition between us and the Arabs.”

The Shiite imperialist idea actually creates a problem for Iran, the minister explained. “The wide deployment makes it difficult for them,” Galant said. “The Iranian economy is in a difficult situation and there is an internal debate within Iran, and many understand that exporting terrorism and developing nuclear weapons takes away the resources from tens of millions of people who need to live.”

Over 20 rockets were fired at the Israeli Golan Heights early Thursday morning by Iranian forces. Most of the rockets fell in Syria while four of the rockets were shot down by Iron Dome batteries. In response, the IDF attacked about 50 Iranian targets in the Arab country and severely weakened Iran’s military infrastructure in Syria.