Speaking to members of the Knesset on Thursday, Defense Minister Benny Gantz expressed his hope for greater peace in the Arab world and frustration with the Palestinians for refusing to heed the call of peace.

“Instead of being on a collision course with the Arab world and many other countries, we are on a course for partnership with moderate forces against those who wish us harm, headed by Iran. Instead of unilateral annexation, which would have weakened us in the face of our most extremist enemies, we are marking today an alliance that bolsters our security,” said Gantz.

“The Abraham Accords can expand to additional countries in the region, but it is just as important that they trickle to our close neighbors – the Palestinians. Unfortunately, the Palestinian leadership has not understood that it is time to put away the excuses, return to the negotiating table and work together to find a solution,” Alternate Prime Minister Gantz said.

“I call on Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian leadership – if not for yourselves, do it for your children. They, the future generation, deserve a future of peace and wellbeing.”