Blue and White candidate Benny Gantz has refused to concede the Israeli general elections.

With 97% percent of the votes accounted for both Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party and Benny Gantz’s Blue and White party received 35 seats apiece. However, the only other parties that have the power to provide enough seats for a ruling majority are the right-wing parties, which this year are mostly made up of the religious parties.

By the results of yesterdays election, the right-wing parties together would make up 65 seats, and the left-wing/Arab parties together would make up 55 seats.

Still, 97% of the vote is not 100%. Depending to which parties the rest of the votes land, Gantz may still have a shot to have enough seats to form a left-wing coalition.

“It’s true, the skies look gloomy, but there are two things they aren’t saying: One, the results are not final, since there could still be electoral shifts, and we may be able to bring about political processes of one sort or another,” Gantz said

“Two, they certainly can’t hide the sunlight of hope that we have brought to the people of Israel and Israeli society. They, our voters, sought hope, and we will give it to them. They asked for a different path, and we showed them the way.”

“Therefore, we won’t retreat from our public duty to represent over a million citizens who turned to us for something different. We have secured a historic achievement. We can be proud of ourselves, and we will be,” the former IDF Chief of Staff said confidently.