On Wednesday Defense Minister Benny Gantz promised to bring back the kidnapped soldiers and the civilians held by Hamas. ”

As a commander, as a former IDF chief of staff, as the current defense minister, and as a social-political-national leader, I am fully committed to bringing back the remains of St.-Sgt. Oron Shaul and Lt. Hadar Goldin, may their memory be blessed. We mustn’t stop the efforts to bring them back,” Gants said while addressing the Knesset.

Shaul and Goldin were both killed during Operation Protective Edge. Hamas is thought to either hold or know the whereabouts of their remains. Hamas has also been holding two Israeli citizens, both special needs individuals who walked into the Gaza Strip themselves, as hostages for years.

Gantz also said the residents of Gaza should also be able to lead normal lives, and that Israel is committed to providing​ humanitarian aid for the people of Gaza, including food and medicine. “I believe this is a powerful and moral mitzvah of the highest level, and we, as members of the Jewish nation, who have experienced what we’ve experienced, must remember that might and morality came down to the world together,” Alternate PM Gantz said.

“Residents of Gaza, if you want to continue to develop, an agreement requires a return (of the soldiers’ remains and the civilian captives). What should be developed in Gaza will not be able to be developed without the boys and captives returning home,” he said.