Benny Gantz, leader of the White and Blue party spoke today about the possibility of forming a unified government with Netanyahu’s Likud party after all of the votes are fully tallied up.

“The country went to the polls and made a clear decision – unity. Blue and White won the elections and is the largest party. My intention is to form a broad unity government headed by me, reflecting the people’s choice and our basic promises to the public,” Gantz said.

Gantz’s statements come several hours after Prime Minister Netanyahu urged him to work with him to form a unity government, and invited the former military commander to meet with him in person to discuss it.

An offer that Gantz is flat out refusing to accept.

“We will not give in to any imposition,” Gantz stressed, “to form a government of unity one does not arrive with political blocks and public spins, but with seriousness and responsibility”.

In addition, he pointed out that there will be no shortcuts in the formation of the government and made assurances that he will handle the negotiation responsibly and with discernment in order to achieve the best possible for the citizens of Israel in the political conditions that were created.

Netanyahu responded to Gantz’s statements, by saying that he was disappointed by refusal of the his rival to meet in person, but nevertheless his offer still stands.