Christmas Tree dedication in Gaza
Christmas Tree dedication in Gaza

The Arab world likes to celebrate Judaism and Christianity – when there are few to no Jews and Christians left.

During Chanukah, Egypt held a very public Chanukah celebration even as the Jewish community has dwindled to less than 10.

Christians have been fleeing the PA since Oslo, but the PA puts on a big show of lighting the Christmas tree in Bethlehem every year, accompanied by speeches about how evil Israel is.

And now, for the first time in more than ten years, Gaza held a Christmas-tree lighting ceremony yesterday, where lots of officials waxed poetic on how important Christians are to the Palestinian people.

The number of Christians in Gaza has plummeted from about 3000 ten years ago to less than 750 today.

Israel on the other hand values and respects all religious beliefs on her land.

Israel’s Christian population, which numbers close to 160,000, is an integral part of Israeli society. Israeli Christians are members of the Knesset (Israel’s parliament), serve in the Israeli Defense Forces, and boast the highest education success rates in the country.

Like all minority and religious groups in Israel, Christians have full and equal rights under Israeli law and openly and proudly exercise their faith. Israeli cities with the largest Christian communities include Nazareth, Haifa, Jerusalem, Shfar’am, and Tel Aviv-Jaffa. These cities host a range of unique and festive events throughout the Christmas season. 

Israel kicked off this years Christmas season at Mary’s Well, one of Christianity’s holiest sites in Nazareth, Israel. 15,000 people gathered to see the biggest Christmas tree in the Middle East light up – 30 meters tall and 8 meters wide!