The streets of Hamas filled up with celebration after it was reported that four Israelis were murdered and 13 more were injured in a terror attack in Jerusalem today. The various terrorist organizations in Gaza welcomed the news about the terror attack.

Footage of the terror attack

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Celebrations throughout Gaza broke out today (Sunday) following the deadly terror attack in Jerusalem. Hamas and other terrorist organizations in Gaza led the celebrations. Details about the terrorist, his name and his organizational affiliation, were released on social media sites by Palestinian users. However, these details are still under a gag order in Israel.

Recently, terrorist organizations in Gaza have invested serious efforts into encouraging Palestinians to carry out terror attacks against Israeli targets. Hamas officials welcomed the terror attack and claimed that it proves that the intifada is not over. Palestinian Islamic Jihad officials as well as officials from other terrorist organizations in Gaza also welcomed the news about the terror attack.


Archive Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

As reported earlier by JOL News, four young Israelis were murdered and another 13 sustained various injuries when a truck slammed into them in Jerusalem today.