The commander visited a high school in Sderot and told students that Israel will continue to retaliate so that they can continue attending school safely and asked them to remain alert.

General Yehuda Fox meeting with EUCOM officers.

General Yehuda Fox meeting with EUCOM officers. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Speaking to high school students in the southern town of Sderot on Wednesday, Gaza Division Commander General Yehuda Fox assured the Amit Gottwirth students that Israel will do everything in its power to make sure they can continue attending classes. Fox arrived in Sderot this morning to meet with students, accompanied by Sderot’s mayor Alon Davidi, Sderot town hall CEO Tal Toren, mayor of Dimona Dani Biton and Amit Gottwirth principal Adi Dagan.

“We are here, a strong army, and we will continue to deter the enemy and thwart terror attacks so that you can come to school safely and study for your final exams,” Fox told the students. “I am wearing my uniform so that you can attend school, this is my daily task.”

The commander also told the students that people living in Gaza are “captives of Hamas, which is a terror organization funded by Iran” and that “instead of looking out for the welfare of residents of the Strip, Hamas is investing in terror and exploiting its population.” Fox also mentioned that “thousands of Israeli soldiers in the Intelligence, Armors, Airforce and Infantry units are here to protect you” and told the students that it is “your responsibility to adhere to instructions and directives issued by the Home Front and to stay alert to your surroundings.”

The commander’s visit to Sderot comes amid rising tensions between Israel and the Hamas and the JIP in recent days and the continuous firing towards the southern town, which lies close to Israel’s border with Gaza.