In an event commemorating the brutal terror attack that resulted in the murder of American tourist Kristine Luken and the critical injury of Israeli tour guide Kay Wilson, Gideon, a pro-Israel activist from Gaza, told JerusalemOnline how he transformed from being a Jew hater to a lover of Israel.

Photo Credit: Bumble Hive Photography

Kay Wilson, who survived a brutal terror attack that resulted in the murder of her friend the American tourist Kristine Luken in 2010, decided to commemorate this year the moment an Arab terrorist plunged his machete into her by hosting a birthday celebration for a pro-Israel Gazan activist named Gideon: “When I asked Gideon what he wanted for his birthday, he stated that he wanted to eat cake, drink champagne and sing Happy Birthday with Jewish settlers.”

“For me, the most profound moment was when this Arab from Gaza took the knife and plunged into a cake,” Wilson stated on her Facebook page.  “With a dab of cream around his mouth, Gideon, now a devout Christian, gave a beautiful speech of how he once hated Jews, how he used to support Hamas and how he now loves Israel. The anniversary of this terror attack is always hard. Although I was sad and grieved, I was also happy and hopeful. This cocktail is why I unashamedly wept.”

In an exclusive interview with JerusalemOnline, Gideon explained his personal transformation from being an Israel hater to a pro-Israel activist: “I learned to hate Israelis and the Jewish people. My people taught me that Jews want to kill us, that Jews have no history in this land and that the Jews stole the land from us.  One day, I read the Bible.  I discovered that it was written by Jews and that even Jesus was Jewish.  Imagine my shock!  Through reading and studying, I learned that the Jewish people have a historic right to the land and not the other way around as I have been taught.”

“I became a true Christian and was very troubled,” he noted.  “All I had been taught was wrong.  I knew that I could not be silent so I began to tell all my friends what I discovered.  Sadly, many cut me off.  I moved to the West Bank, the heartland of the Jewish historic homeland.  Instead of hearing about biblical history, in the name of human rights, I heard those who work for institutions, media and charities spread lies about Israel.”

According to Gideon, “As a Gazan who has lived under Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, I want to tell our visitors the truth.  I want to do it for my people.  I want to do it for Israel and I want to do it for peace.  Israel is always the first to help countries who suffer from disasters.  Israel shares innovation throughout the world.  Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East.   Israel protects and loves her Christians.  Israel treats the grandchild of the Hamas leader in their hospital.  Israeli army doctors give medical aid to the wounded Syrian enemies.  Israeli doctors sometimes attended to injured terrorists before Israeli victims because they treat those most in need.”

Gideon told JerusalemOnline that he would love to show foreign visitors how Israeli settlers and Palestinians mix together peacefully in Gush Etzion: “People could see not only coexistence but would also see the settlers for who they are: honest, hardworking people who like any other decent people want to lead a quiet and happy life. I can prove that Israel’s history in this land unlike our own reaches back thousands of years.  I ask for your continued prayers for my safety to continue to do the right thing for my people and for Israel.”