Two fishermen in the Gaza Strip have been arrested and sentenced after clandestinely entering the coastal enclave in a boat from Egypt with hundreds of kilograms of explosive material.

According to the indictment, the two fishermen are named Hamis Araishi and Mamdouh  Bachar. Both detainees confessed and Araishi was sentenced to 13 years in prison and Bachar was sentenced to 8 years.

Arashi also confessed during interrogation that he originally was planning a suicide bombing back in 2014, but decided against it when he realized that the place he wanted to carry out the attack was already discovered by the IDF

The court said in the ruling that “Gaza is a fertile ground for terror operations against Israel and the various organizations are united in a consistent desire to improve the capabilities of the terrorist attack in Israel and do everything possible to equip them with weapons of mass destruction and sabotage,”

The Egyptian’s also have been wary of this ever growing threat when last week their navy chased down and arrested four Palestinian fishermen south of the Gaza Strip, Safa news agency reported.

The news site said that the Egyptian navy crossed about 250 metres into Gaza waters and arrested the fishermen Munit Abu-Silmiyeh and three brothers named Mus’ab, Ra’fat and Khalil Gannan.