A German court on Wednesday rejected a plea for mercy submitted by Oskar Groening, 96, whose job as a bookkeeper at the Auschwitz concentration camp made him an accessory to the murder of some 300,000 Jews.

The Auschwitz concentration camp

The Auschwitz concentration camp Photo credit: Max Pixel

Oskar Groening, who worked as a bookkeeper at the Auschwitz concentration camp, has pleaded for mercy almost three years after being imprisoned for his role in the murder of 300,000 Jews. According to German media, his request has been denied.

Groening, 96, was convicted in 2015 but hasn’t yet started his sentence due to a dispute about his health. An appeal he filed two months ago, citing his old age and poor health, was rejected.

Though Groening did not kill anyone himself during the Holocaust, prosecutors said he helped the Nazi regime by funneling money seized from prisoners.

During his trial in 2015, Groening pleaded guilty and asked for God’s forgiveness, saying he isn’t worthy of the forgiveness of the Holocaust victims.