Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel acknowledged on Tuesday the shortcomings that followed last year’s deadly attack in Berlin and vowed to improve security as well as support for victims’ families.

The aftermath of the Christmas market ramming attack

The aftermath of the Christmas market ramming attack Photo credit: Israel News Company

Exactly a year after an assailant killed 12 people and injured 70 in a terror attack at a Christmas market in Berlin, authorities in Germany are admitting that mistakes were made, both security-related and in providing support to the victims’ relatives.

On December 19, 2016, Anis Amri, a rejected Tunisian asylum seeker, hijacked a truck and ploughed into a crowded area. Relatives of the victims have criticized the government for mishandling the aftermath of the incident.

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel, who met them on Monday, said afterwards, “The talks were very open and, from the part of those affected, no holds barred, and pointed to the weakness of our country in this situation.”

“Today is a day of sadness, but also a day of our will to make better things that did not work well,” she added.